Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 12

After my recent fun travel photos for Project 365, this week's offerings look rather mundane. But mundane is how my life looks 99% of the time. Just how I like it :-)

Upon our return from conference, we were pleased to see our cherry tomato plant is still going strong.
Monday I started catching up on expense reports. Ugh.
There's been no work on the house next door in a while. The outside stucco has been finished for several weeks and no workers have appeared since then.
In my ongoing effort to learn the language I've started watching Spanish television. My favorites are cooking and craft shows.
I thought I had a really cool photo for Thursday because on our way home from Cordoba we spotted dozens of parachutes floating in the sky. I didn't have the camera so Ivan gave me his cell phone but I'd never used it before and with the sun shining so brightly, I couldn't tell that I had NOT actually taken a photo until we got home and tried to load it onto the computer. Boo hoo! 

Instead I offer this sad photo of my hydrangeas. Does anyone have a clue what happened to them? They didn't do this last year. Do I have an infestation of some kind? I am completely clueless about plants. HELP!
Friday it stormed and afterward I took photos of raindrop covered flowers. I love the way the afternoon sun slants and casts a special light on things at that time of day.
And no, I did not change the saturation on this photo. These are the true colors!

Also on Friday, I prewashed the fabrics for my newest quilting project and line dried them. I'm one of those always-wash-the-fabric-first kind of quilters, after one really bad experience early on when I didn't prewash and one of the fabrics puckered, ruining the quilt.
I've been wanting to do something in black and white for a long time, but was inspired to add another color. Considering my current passion for green, is it any wonder that's what I chose? Plus a wee bit of yellow. Not sure I am capable of making a quilt without yellow :-)
Saturday afternoon I finally started cutting and sewing. It took a while to figure out the math on this one. I'm combining elements from several quilts I've seen in magazines so I don't have a pattern to follow. Considering my mathematically challenged brain, getting anything done beyond that is an accomplishment! This is just one row of blocks (it's folded over the line so you can only see half).
I don't have enough fabric (at this point) for a whole quilt. Not sure if I'll just do what I can with what I have -- maybe make a small quilt (four rows) to use on the couch in cold weather -- or do what I can with what I have and then have more fabric sent in order to make it full-size (seven or eight rows). But either way, I'm TOTALLY LOVING the colors and simplicity of this quilt so far. Once I have the rows pieced, I'll applique a few large daisies here and there.

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