Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weeks 47 & 48

We've been so busy I haven't even been able to keep up with e-mails. But I have a few minutes this morning and thought I'd try and quickly post photos from the last two weeks for Project 365.

There have been many extra blessings on this trip! These photos will reflect a number of them. First up is Ivan's dad who is 89, has alzheimers and is partially paralyzed after suffering two strokes but we've been thrilled with how alert he is at times and just enjoy these special times with him.
I went out to lunch with my daughter and sister-in-law one day.
These are my "stylists", my fashion gurus who I turn to before buying almost anything. They, along with my daughter-in-law, spent a day helping me find a dress for the wedding. Ivan had taken the camera to Michigan with him so I have no photos of that day, but it was SO MUCH FUN!

Tina's venue for the wedding is the lobby of a restored hotel in Winona Lake. It will be just perfect for the intimate, immediate-family-only wedding.
The hotel is now owned and operated by Grace College, Tina's alma mater.

Ivan really enjoys hanging out with this brother and spent one day working at his shop, helping fix a friend's vehicle.
At the bridal shower hosted by Kyle's aunts, Tina had plenty of help unwrapping the presents. Aren't these little girls just adorable?!
Kyle's mom and I are so excited about the upcoming nuptials. Can you tell from our broad smiles? :)
One day while I was in Ft. Wayne, Tina took her dad to lunch. Then they did a little mini historical tour around Grace College. Do you see Ivan's resemblance to his uncle?
Thanksgiving morning was really foggy...
...but it didn't stop the Indiana portion of the family from gathering at mom's. Ivan and Alan brought dad home from the nursing home for the afternoon.
Ivan's sister, Rita, has been putting together multiple photo albums documenting the history of the family. Here's a page with dad and mother, the ship they took to Argentina the first time, and Rita on deck.
We're really grateful for all the work she's put into this project!

After dinner Tina tried on her wedding dress and got feedback from the females in the family on whether to do a bustle or just hem it because she doesn't want the train (the bustle won hands down). We also weighed in on her jewelry selection.
This weekend we had the joy of attending another wedding. The groom's family has a tradition of doing the chicken dance at weddings. One of his cousins even has the entire outfit! I caught her getting ready in the ladies room beforehand.
There was lots of music and dancing which everyone enjoyed. Do you think Kyle and Tina are thinking about their own upcoming wedding day?
The groom is one of Ivan's best friends so we were so thrilled to be able to attend his wedding. Here he is with his lovely bride.
The group I used to quilt with continues to get together weekly and the group worked collectively on a quilt for the couple. Isn't it gorgeous?!

And that's it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and all the special times with friends and family!

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