Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 32

Did not do a good job of taking a-picture-a-day for Project 365 this week, but I'm compensating by sharing extras on a few days.

A while back I made this purse but this week I added the cute little fabric flower after seeing the tutorial on Pony Tails and Fish Scales (a very creative blogger!), just in time to give it to a young lady who celebrated her 15th birthday this week -- a VERY BIG deal here in Argentina!
As you probably know, Wednesdays we have a pretty informal English class. I say informal because WE DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT WE'RE DOING -- but we have a good time doing it :)  This week the idea was to introduce game-related vocabulary while teaching them a couple of new games. Unfortunately, they didn't do too well on the vocabulary because they were too busy trying to win! LOL
Went out to the lot to take photos on Thursday and ended up taking so many I did a whole post on Friday which you can check out if you're interested. Here I'm just including the photo taken from the front of the lot looking back; the casita is at the very back of the property line. Between the work that has to be done on the little house to the yard clean-up to fencing the perimeter...we'll have our work cut out for us once it's finally ours!
Saturday we had a combined youth group/birthday party because one of our girls is a quinceaƱera this week. Lots of extra fun activities -- and food! -- thrown in to help her celebrate with her church family. One of the surprises was to have Fernando dress up as a clown, then while all the lights were turned off he sat down next to Carol and this was her reaction when the lights came back on...
We had a lot of fun!

This morning I tore into this package... I could enjoy a few coquitos (coconut cookies)
...that my friend Katie got me hooked on when she visited. Yes, it is ALL Katie's fault because she found the bakery and bought the first coquitos for us to try :)  THANK YOU, Katie! It's a special treat we enjoy from time to time. The other galletitas aren't half bad either.

We bought these because we thought the architect would be coming Saturday to look at the lot and begin the brainstorming on our future house, and it would be right about merienda time. But he called  --  about 15 minutes after we stopped at the bakery -- to let us know he wasn't feeling well.

And now we have to eat them all ourselves. Not really! I'll take them for merienda before church tonight. I've also been asked to bring more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Last night I made three kinds of sandwiches for the party and one was PB&J which was a huge hit! Not only the kids liked them, but several adults asked where I buy the peanut butter (we have to get it in Cordoba or Sta. Rosa; none of our local stores carry it).

We've rescheduled with the architect for next Saturday. IF we're back from Buenos Aires by then. We found out Friday afternoon we have to go in person to renew our VISAs. But before we go we have to get some paperwork done locally. Since part of what we need to do is in Carlos Paz and part in Cordoba, we can't count on getting it all done Monday (LINES, remember the LINES we encounter everywhere!) and we may not be able to head to Bs. As. until mid-week.

We're still trying to decide whether to take an overnight bus or drive; the cost is about the same and there are pros and cons to both. Either way, hopefully there will be some good photo ops this week!

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