Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 14

Last weekend we went to Sta. Rosa to pick up Wally & Katie (we'd left them there for two weeks with a rental car and a dictionary -- and they did just fine!). Saturday evening we went to a new tea house in Belgrano that has wifi so I could upload photos for Project 365. While we were sitting on the veranda I snapped this photo that I just had to share this week.
The views of the mountains from this tea shop are just stunning.

Sunday we headed home to Carlos Paz but stopped several times so Katie and I could take photos. A little background: a few years ago they built a new road on the other side of Lago Los Molinos that's not as steep and winding as Route 5. I am SOOOOO thankful for it! There's still a section of Route 5 between Ciudad de las Americas (where the newer road starts) and Alta Gracia that always makes me a little nauseous from the many twists and hairpin turns but we can now avoid the worst of the old road to Sta. Rosa. Anyway, they finally finished the section that connects the newer road to Route 5 near Belgrano so you don't have to go through town; it's a straight shot as you can see here:
My mother-in-law would especially appreciate the new road and how much nicer the drive is into Cordoba (or Carlos Paz) now.

I failed to take any photos on Monday and Tuesday. Too busy having fun with Wally and Katie and TALKING. I even talked my way through a couple of almost disasters in the kitchen :-)  These are NOT soap suds!
It's milk that I was heating for the coffee and as it warmed I whipped it with a little battery-operated whisk I have -- but then I got side-tracked talking (!) and when I turned around the foam was about 6 inches above the pan. I turned off the burner and ran for the camera but it had already gone down several inches by the time I was able to snap this photo.

I completely and utterly failed to take any photos Tuesday night of the large group here to meet Wally and Katie and enjoy asado

Wednesday morning was a beautiful clear day so we took Wally and Katie up the chair lift to the top of the mountain so they could see out over the city. Had fun taking self portraits on the way up.
The last half of the week we were all a little tired of the excessive amounts of food we'd been consuming so for dinner began just munching on cheese and crackers or popcorn and apples or sliced cold roast beef and fontina cheese, along with tea or decaf coffee, as we kicked back and relaxed in the living room.
Our friends left today. It was very hard to say goodbye! I missed them before they even got past the glass doors.
It's been wonderful to have them here and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their visit. Now it's back to the same old, same old. *sigh*

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter tomorrow!

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