Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 9

In spite of good intentions, I still missed a photo this week for Project 365. But I've thrown in two for Saturday so I still have seven.

Last Sunday after our service we celebrated February birthdays with empanadas and cake. The birthday boys look ready to dig in, don't they? We also watched videos from the summer camp they'd been to the week before.
This is a repeat from Monday but I wanted to make sure EVERYONE saw what a great job my hubby did on the bookshelf unit for the living room :-)  I have more photos on Monday's post.
[Still haven't finished the study/sewing room so no AFTER photos of that yet. But they're coming. Promise!]

Our friends arrive from the U.S.!
Leaving behind about 10" of snow in Michigan, they are enjoying the end of summer in Argentina. We're actually having perfect weather right now: in the high 70s/low 80s during the day and cooling down into the low 60s at night. I'm SOOOOOO GLAD the really hot weather we'd been having didn't stick around for their arrival!

As we were leaving one morning I noticed my morning glories are back! And they're all mixed in with the jasmine and roses, creating a little red, white and blue theme.
A pleasant afternoon on the back patio, getting some reading done.
Wally celebrated his birthday Saturday by taking us out to breakfast (I know, should have been the other way around but he's a giving kind of guy).
Breakfast is usually just some form of bread and coffee here. We had quite the spread, as you can see. The plate of meats and cheeses would normally be eaten in the afternoon, and I guess we attracted a bit of attention by having it in the morning. Saturday evening when we went out to dinner to a different place, another customer recognized us as the people who had had the ginormous breakfast at Vitto's. LOL

My Spanish tutor's dog had puppies a month ago and they are so adorable!
I really hope their mama wasn't too sick last night after scarfing down the whole plate of No Bake cookies I took over for the humans. Silly dog. I guess females of all species like chocolate.

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