Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 35

After just under 48 hours in Sta. Rosa for various work projects, estoy muy cansada and I'm simply going to post my photos for this week's Project 365 with minimal [for me] commentary.

On a walk last Sunday I stopped to snap a photo of this house with an interesting name: Everybody's.
Every once in a while an odd English word pops up and sometimes it doesn't really make sense. Does this mean this house belongs to Everybody? Or is someone actually named Everybody? Does Anybody know? Or does Everybody know but me?

In place of Monday's photo (which I missed taking) I'm sharing several from our daughter's engagement photo shoot last weekend.
Do you think Kyle's preparing to meet us, his future in-laws?!  :)

Our McDonalds has a new burger. Is this available in the U.S. too? Haven't tried it yet and, to be honest, it doesn't look that appetizing so I don't think I ever will.
Missed Wednesday :(

Arrived in Sta. Rosa on Thursday afternoon. We unpacked, made up the bed, opened all the windows to let the warmer air inside and took a walk along the river. It was a gorgeous day, beyond merely warm and approaching downright HOT.

Lately this black dog has adopted us whenever we're out there and parks himself on the front porch. We're calling him Blackie for obvious reasons. He likes to take walks with us, staying right on our heels.
Mostly Ivan's heels who, for anyone who knows him, isn't a big dog person but for some reason Blackie seems to really take to him :)

The purpose of this quick trip to Sta. Rosa was twofold: (1) patch the walls in the kitchen and bath where Ivan had to bust out cement to fix a leaky pipe, and (2) cut a section of the counter top from the far right and move it to the far left, replacing an old section of counter top that wasn't in the best shape any more. The wall patching needed to be done now, giving it time to dry sufficiently so that by mid-September we can re-tile and make it all nice again. Ivan started by moving the counter top since that gave him more room to fix the busted wall (which was right below the counter).
I am just LOVIN' the change! Having the counter tops match just makes me uber happy :) Here's an after shot.
In mid-September we'll not only be re-tiling the repaired walls but I'll also be painting those lower cabinets a lovely clean white. Won't that look nice?!

This corner used to contain a cabinet which we took out over a year ago (it had rotted due to a leak in the old cement tank that also damaged the wall). It's been on our "to do" list ever since, but other issues took precedence (i.e., major plumbing woes). The leaky pipe which required busting out part of the wall moved the corner up to the top of the "to do" list...once the whole area has been tiled, we'll be sliding the fridge into that spot.
Today after I finished packing and cleaning the house we headed to the river for a picnic lunch before heading home.
This was probably the shortest trip we've made to Sta. Rosa (except for one-day ministry activities) and we didn't go to Belgrano even once! Ivan made several trips into Sta. Rosa though, including one to pay the hook-up fee for the WATER LINES which have [finally] been laid down our road!!! WOOT! The city will install a meter and then we can run a line from the house and hook up. That's very exciting news! Especially considering how we've had problems with the well running really low during dry season the last couple of years.

Ivan hasn't been feeling the greatest lately. He's on a second round of antibiotics for a really bad sore throat and he's just been feeling wiped out. I'm trying to get him to slow down, but taking it easy isn't easy for him.  I'm sure other wives can empathize :) The heat doesn't help. It left us both feeling rather wilted today.
People, we're still almost a month away from the official first day of Spring!

So how was your week?

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