Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 18

My blogging blahs extended to photography this week and I have almost nothing to share for Project 365 :-(  I took one, and ONLY ONE photo up until this weekend. Because yesterday was a holiday and we ended up with over 100 photos on the camera (taken by whoever happened to have the camera at the time) I'm sharing four photos from our Labor Day festivities. Most of the world celebrates International Workers' Day on May 1st. Here it's a big holiday, and that means most of the stores are closed (unless they're tourist related) and people usually get together with family and friends. [Sidenote: When I was a kid we had games at school on May Day. Do they still do that?]

Anyway, here's a photo from earlier in the week (taken on a walk, of course). I just loved how this berry-laden bush draped over the wall.
We had several couples over for pizza and a movie on Friday night but we only took two photos. Lots of laughter and fun; we'll definitely have to do this more often! [BTW, I made both types of pizza: from Argentina and the U.S. and our guests really liked the fully loaded American style!]
For the past two years on May 1st we've taken the youth to an all-day event at the Palabra de Vida facility in Sta. Rosa de Calamuchita. This year a set of parents went along too and we ended up with a total of 17 people, in three vehicles. It was a PERFECT day for the outing! More like summer than autumn with clear skies, a slight breeze and temperatures in the high 70s.

Being Latin America, even though we were there on time (10 a.m.) nothing started until noon. At which point the boys soccer tournament commenced. I don't think there were enough girls to have a volleyball game, but they had fun just hanging out and cheering the boys on. The games began with prayer.
Can you believe we have NO photos of the boys actually playing?! Not sure who had the camera at that point, but I guess they were too excited about the game to even think about taking photos. LOL

Since the event was in Sta. Rosa -- actually only one kilometer from the house -- we took our group there for lunch and merienda (afternoon snack). At lunch the kids were horsing around and having a good time.
Sorry to say the boys didn't win a single game of soccer, but they still had fun. And when it was all done we went back to the house for merienda and a few games of bocce. The kids also gave each other impromptu guitar lessons.
Then they asked Ivan to play. He took classical guitar lessons in college but that's been a few years!  Oh, and that's "Charley" with us; he's also part of our English conversation group so we gave him an English name :-)
As the sun went down it turned chilly but we enjoyed sitting out in the yard until it had fully set, at which point we packed up and came home. It was a great day!

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