Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 28

Alrighty then. Still not keeping up with the photo-a-day goal, but giving myself a pass this week since I spent a good part of it flat on my back. I still have six photos to share, so not too shabby considering the week I've had :)

Last Sunday we were sitting on our back patio when we saw a white bird in the avocado tree. This isn't the best picture, since I had to zoom in rather than actually get close. Maybe a canary?
Ivan took a couple of the guys to see their sister in a nearby town this week, and they stopped at this monument to Indio Bamba, supposedly the last native Indian left alive in the area back in the late 1800s (but we're not sure of the date).
In my affection for all things aqua, I had to snap a photo of this cute little house with the aqua shutters...
...and this Fiat 600 we saw during the same walk.
On another day we passed this fence and I pointed it out as one I particularly liked. It is nice and tall, seems substantial yet doesn't block the views.
As you know, we hope to buy a lot and start building soon and the very first thing we'll do is put up a fence around the entire perimeter of the property. The sides and back will be simple (and inexpensive) chain-link that we'll upgrade down the road but we want to put up a nice front fence right at the beginning.

Finally, here's a yummy dish of strawberry shortcake we enjoyed Saturday. Ivan made the white cake on Friday, thinking we were having visitors (who never showed up, but that just means MORE CAKE FOR US! ;). Later that day we found the first strawberries in months at our grocery store so snatched up a small package. I luuuuurve me some fruity desserts.
We're in Sta. Rosa for a belated anniversary getaway. Enjoyed a beautiful walk around Belgrano this morning; we started out wearing sweaters but had to take them off before the first block. However, the temperature dropped drastically by the time we came back out late this afternoon. Brrrrr! I think winter may have finally arrived.

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