Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 16

Almost ALL of my photos for Project 365 this week were taken on walks; only the last is an exception.

Monday was a gorgeous day so late afternoon we walked along the lake into town to check the mail. On the way, we got a big kick out of the ducks heading to dinner. We had no idea the city had a program for feeding the ducks!
Tuesday wasn't so nice. The temperature dropped about twenty degrees and it rained off and on. We even got some hail -- not very big, but hail nevertheless.
[I apologize for the poor quality of photo; my camera doesn't take very good pictures in the dark and I wasn't about to go out INTO the hail so just snapped this from the safety of the garage door.]

It stayed cool but stopped raining so we went for a walk on Wednesday. I've mentioned that not too many have lawn mowers here; most yards are tiny and people just use weed whackers. But it was surprising to see that even the city doesn't use mowers; they have a large crew of men they send out with weed whackers to take care of the parks. There were three working by the lake near our house but we could see more farther down the costanera.
Disappointing to see they didn't bother picking up trash beforehand so they basically just shredded all the paper and sent it flying everywhere. The next day we saw men out picking up trash -- not doing a very good job either, which isn't surprising since it had multiplied with the mowing/shredding, and it just seems to me it would have made more sense to pick up the garbage BEFORE they cut the grass.

Another day the lake just shimmered in the sunlight and was so beautiful I had to take a photo.
Friday I saw the first tree changing colors! None of the trees turn orange here but many turn this gorgeous shade of yellow.
During youth group we played a variety of games, including "Oso, Mono, Loro" -- sort of a take-off on rock, scissors, paper. Oso trumps mono, mono trumps loro, loro trumps oso. Two people stand back-to-back until on the count of three they turn around and assume the position of their animal. Here's a couple of the boys being an oso and a loro. Can you guess which is which?
We have a guest this weekend -- a student from Hillsdale College is in Cordoba for the semester and came to visit. Tonight after youth group we came home and enjoyed my version of Mari's famous cornbread salad for supper -- a welcome American-style meal :-)

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