Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 37

I missed participating in Project 365 last week because -- shame on me! -- I didn't take any photos all week until Saturday. Did a little better this week.

Taken last Saturday at youth group...
It was as nerve-wracking to watch as play I think!

Sunday I noticed the peach tree is loaded with blossoms!
As I mentioned, we've had our co-workers' daughters all week so there's been a little crafting going on. Here's one project...
This photo isn't actually from Monday though. We STARTED making them on Monday but didn't finish until the end of the week because GLUE ON FELT TAKES FOREVER TO DRY. Can you guess which one I made? It has to do with my current color obsession (well, one of them anyway).

This was another on-going project this week: refurbing an old, sadly neglected nightstand that's missing the bottom drawer.
Next week I'll have a photo of it all finished (still lacking one coat of paint) and in my living room where it will reside between the Poang chairs. In place of the bottom drawer I found two baskets at Walmart that will tuck into the space just perfectly. I hope. Also started working on this small table Wednesday that will serve as either a coffee table or a bedside table; not sure which yet.
I taped off the formica top and metal "feet" while spray painting the legs and that's as far as I got with it this week. The formica will see some paint action of its own this coming week though.

The girls took the camera with them when they walked to the ice cream store Thursday. I like this interesting shot they took through some iron work with the lake in the distance.
Another crafty project with the girls was making coasters with modge-podged photos of flowers on 3"x3" ceramic tiles:
Shhhhhh! The girls are giving this as a gift on Día de Las Madres in October.

Ivan didn't have time to finish translating this testimony he wanted to share with the kids before youth group Saturday so he was still working on it in front of Centro Esperanza as we waited for them to arrive.
So that's my week. A little more cooking and crafting than usual, but otherwise a pretty normal week for us...aside from the whole hole in the wall thing. I'm still a little freaked out over that.

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